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Present your business or products online

website provides access to information about your activities and services, and it offers and sells your products 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - be present on the Internet, expand the network of potential users or customers


Need a website to present your business?

We will create a new WordPress or HTML website for you, with our design or using ready-made WordPress themes / designs of your choice, which we will adapt to your needs (replacement of photos, sub-pages, content).

You have a website and want to update it?

We will redesign your old website to have a fresh new look tailored to all devices, from cell phones to desktops, and optimize it for the Google search engine.

Do you have an existing Joomla CMS website that you want to migrate to WordPress or HTML format?

We will migrate your Joomla CMS website to the latest WordPress version, whether it's just articles or a web shop. We can also convert your Joomla CMS website to HTML format that has no administration interface. You will choose the design of the new website yourself - a design designed by or a pre-prepared WordPress theme / design that we will adapt to your needs.

You have a website in old Joomla CMS version and want to upgrade it?

We will upgrade your website to the most recent Joomla CMS version, with a design that may or may not retain the features of the old look, modern and adapted to all screen sizes, for a website optimized for Google search engine.

You need a website for the domestic and foreign markets?

We will translate your website from English to Croatian language, and if you want to publish other language versions of the website, we will help you find professional translators and design a multilingual website.


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Website design


- websites with or without administrative interface (with or without the possibility of independently editing the content of the website) - WordPress or HTML
- responsive design (page layout that adapts to the size of the screen - desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone)
- optional content (texts, photos, etc.)

Webshop design


- webshop with an unlimited number of product categories and the products themselves with the possibility of direct online ordering, ie saving to cart
- you determine the shipping and payment methods that webshop will offer
- you can edit your products yourself (delete, add, change, etc.)

Design of online product catalog

Web catalogs

- online product catalog presents your products without direct ordering, ie without saving to cart
- website visitors can send inquiries about products and their prices, product prices may or may not be published
- you can upgrade your online product catalog to a real webshop if you choose so

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